Own a piece of world history with Magic Mozart NFTs!

The first collection in the world to celebrate the mystery and the music of legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When you mint your unique NFT you also get an original melody composed on chain from Ein Musikalisches Würfenspiel - A Musical Dice Game - from 1792 attributed to Mozart - the earliest example of generative art in the world!

Every NFT tells a unique story based on Mozart’s final opus,
The Magic Flute.

Each artistic layer celebrates this daring opera where evil Queens abound and magical creatures rule! Your NFT has been carefully planned to point you to a different part of the musical drama. Will you pick Princess Pamina’s Portrait, the Queen’s dagger, or walk away with the Magic Flute itself? You’ve got to play to find out!


The Magic Flute is Mozart's final opera. It premiered in Vienna, Austria on September 30th, 1791, just before Mozart's untimely demise.

Full of wonder and symbolism, The Magic Flute is an epic tale of light and darkness, trial by fire. Your NFT was carefully curated with characters of the Magic Flute in mind. The moon and the stars point to the evil Queen of the Night, while her counterpart Sarastro is clothed in gold, reflecting the light of the sun.

Each NFT reflects the opulent dress and decor of Mozart's epoch and has been outfitted with a special prop that points back to the drama of the opera. Mozart's image is sometimes depicted with Pamina's dagger, or maybe you'll receive the ultimate prize: the magic flute itself!

  • Hair

    Lovely locks of pearly white and gray, to reflect the fashions of Mozart's day!

  • Coat

    Maestro Mozart garbs himself in artful gleam, even when the Evil Queen doth scheme!

  • Cravat

    Papageno the bird-man has no taste for satin or lace, but if you're Mozart's ilk, you opt for something silk!

  • Background

    Will you set the stage for an aria of rage or change the scene to quell the Evil Queen?

  • What's in a name?

    On a quest it's vital to give oneself a title -- your Mozart has a name that will surely bring him fame!

  • Prop

    Walking through fire to reach your desire, will you be rewarded with loot like a Magic Flute?

When you mint a Magic Mozart NFT, you get an extra surprise: an original 18th century minuet composed on the blockchain!

In 1792, a music dice game - Ein Musikalisches Würfelspiel - was published and has since been attributed to Mozart. With over a quadrillion musical permutations, the game has been studied in the world's top math programs, including Cornell and Princeton. We hope your unique melody inspires and delights!

Take your pick but don’t delay,
you only have two chances to Play!